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We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with transparency as well as exceptional service. In an effort to lessen the strain of your family matters, we merged these two principles together and developed the Case Budget Breakdown. Simply fill out the form to receive an estimated range for your case!

The ranges generated in this program are estimations. Actual costs may differ.

Calculate Your Case Budget

Disclaimer: The results of this calculation are not exact budgets. Please note that your case budget may range 30% less or more than the calculation.

Case Complexity Definitions

No Conflict

  • You and the other party agree on all issues.
  • A lawyer might not seem necessary, but it may be prudent to have one should any conflicts arise.

Low Conflict

  • You and the other party agree on all but one or two small issues, (e.g. child support or visitation time).

Medium Conflict

  • You and the other party agree on most issues but there is one major issue you do not agree on, (e.g. which parent the child should live with or which school they should attend). You anticipate possibly reaching an agreement in the future.

High Conflict

  • You and the other party can’t agree on 80% of all issues, but you can agree on smaller issues, (e.g. child support or who gets to keep which vehicle).

Extremely High Conflict

  • All that you and the other party can agree on is the necessity of the lawsuit.
  • These cases typically involve (but are not limited to) the following: complex property division, international issues, spousal/child support, substance abuse, and complex custody issues.
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